The Commissions

Jeronimo Voss
Fanfares for Effective Freedom

An internet research from ancient mythology of navigation to big data governance
30 September – 1 November, 2015

Online exhibition on:

Jeronimo Voss began his research on the history of Cybernetics in 2006. It took him from ancient mythology of navigation to the strategies of present-day big data governance. The story connects the Cybersyn Opsroom of the early 1970s state planned economy in Chile with its contemporary version of business consultancy in Switzerland. In previous exhibitions Jeronimo Voss presented this narrative as an illusional overhead projection. The story is now translated into its consequential form of an online display linking to further material in the web.

Collaborators: Institut für Gebrauchsgrafik

The Institut für Gebrauchsgrafik was founded in 2011 in Frankfurt am Main focusing on design and media production for the spheres of science, education, culture and social projects.

Das Institut für Gebrauchsgrafik wurde 2011 in Frankfurt am Main gegründet, mit dem Fokus auf Gestaltung und Medienproduktion für Wissenschaft, Bildung, Kultur und Soziales.